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#14 Tom Moran Sr & Kateryna Mazhuha - 344 Fremont St (Cherry Tree Inn)

Kateryna Mazhuha:

Kateryna Mazhuha creates unique oil paintings by using bright color pallets that become more abstract the further you step away from the center of the painting. Her work depicts “plant life” and its all-encompassing organic surroundings.

Kateryna is located at Cherry Tree Inn, 344 Fremont Street. Be sure and stop by to see her works. To reach Kateryna directly contact her at

Tom Moran Sr - StoneCRETE:

Tom creates individual hand cast and colored garden stepping-stones. He is inspired by nature and his “one-of-a-kind” stones are made to endure all weather conditions.

Tom's work will be on location at The Cherry Tree Inn, 344 Freemont Street. To see some of Tom's incredible work visit his website at They also do magnificent stone or stamped patios, check them out!

Tom Moran Sr - StoneCRETE


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