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#11 Robert Wilson, Blake Mueller, Candra Mueller, Betsy Greene - 382 South Tryon St

Blake & Candra Mueller:

Blake’s art is composed of collages and assemblages that are a blend of found objects and images. After creatively composing the subject, a variety of drawing and painting media are applied to create every piece.

Candy’s oil paintings are exceptional. Her passion for nature, birds and plants are inherent throughout her pieces.

You can visit them both at location: 382 South Tryon Street. And for further inquiries Blake is at and Candy

Robert Wilson:

Robert creates functional items such as cups, bowls, serving dishes and teapots made of “wheel thrown” porcelain (all food safe). Additionally, his ceramic sculptural forms, made of porcelain and stoneware clays, are based on “creative puns.”

Roberts work is on display at location: 382 South Tryon Street. For more information reach out to Robert at

Betsy Greene:

Betsy’s handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry includes found objects, metal and gem elements…some are hand painted. She also creates 3-dimentional scenes of town and county …her whimsical miniature dioramas are inspired by her time living in quaint picturesque English villages.

Betsy's work can be seen on location at: 382 South Tryon Street. For more information Betsy can be reached at


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